Snacks for cats

It’s only natural for us to want to reward our cats with yummy treats.  Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian first.  But here’s the rule of thumb.  Treats SHOULD NOT exceed ten percent of kitty’s daily caloric intake.   For instance, the can of turkey and giblets dinner on my desk right now, contains 187 calories. That was a shocker to me because I expected more.  While that information was not listed on the can, it is readily available by calling the manufacturer’s 800-number.

Also,  keep in mind that many kitty snacks are not “nutritionally balanced or complete” unless certified as such by the AAFCO stamp of approval.  So, if you’d like to incorporate those into your cat’s diet, look for that rating.

Junk food aside, some some human foods are downright dangerous to your cat’s health.  They include:

  • alcohol
  • chicken bones
  • coffee and caffeinated teas
  • raw egg whites
  • onions chives and garlic
  • grapes and raisins
  • mushrooms
  • salt in large quantities
  • Xylitol

About Cambridge Canines Pet Sitting Service

I'm a Cambridge resident who has written about feline behavior and body language for WebMD and Catnip, the Tufts Veterinary School newsletter. In a parallel universe, I also write about healthcare and have won awards for news reporting. A passion for animals led me to start my own pet sitting business in 2004. While the information in my posts has been researched, it is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. If you require any veterinary-related advice, contact your veterinarian promptly.
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