Litterbox Problems

As any cat owner knows, litter box problems can be very frustrating.  But here are some simple steps to remedy the sticky situation.

1) Cats are very finicky with a superb sense of smell.  If they don’t like the litter, they won’t use it.  It’s just that simple.

2) Choose a litter that is fragrance free.

3) The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat.

4) Position the litter box so  it’s in a quiet place (not near the washer/dryer in the basement). Also, make sure there is an escape route for kitty, especially if there are other cats or dogs in the household.  Cats don’t like feeling hemmed in.

5) Clean the litter box every day.  That’s pretty simple to do with the clumping kind.

6) Avoid  litter boxes with hoods.  Learn to think like a cat. While more attractive to us humans, hooded boxes can intensify unpleasant odors.

7) Wash the box every couple weeks.  Do not use Clorox.  A mild detergent will do the trick.

8) Give kitty a choice.  You might set out two boxes in different locations to see which kitty prefers.  Believe me, she’ll let you know.

9) And be sure to clean up soiled spots with an ammonia-free detergent such as Nature’s Miracle.

About Cambridge Canines Pet Sitting Service

I'm a Cambridge resident who has written about feline behavior and body language for WebMD and Catnip, the Tufts Veterinary School newsletter. In a parallel universe, I also write about healthcare and have won awards for news reporting. A passion for animals led me to start my own pet sitting business in 2004. While the information in my posts has been researched, it is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. If you require any veterinary-related advice, contact your veterinarian promptly.
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